Natural e GREEN: Eco Edge Awards Nomination 2013

It's that time of year again and we are asking for YOUR support!  You have the chance to nominate Natural e GREEN for the 2013 Eco Edge Award again! Since we opened our 'virtual' doors in 2009 we've been nominated for this awesome award and we were humbled to win the award in 2011.

Just being nominated by you means so much to us because it tell us we are doing something right and to keep on doing it!

What is the Eco Edge Award?

This  award is sponsored by the City of Airdrie Environmental Services Board and is given to:

"a business that promotes, supports and provides leadership in the environmental arena and that demonstrates a long-term commitment to sustainability."

When we have filled out the questionnaire in previous years after being nominated to explain WHY Natural e GREEN deserves this award we realized so many ways our business can make an impact on the environment and so many ways to do things differently.

What are Some of the Ways Natural e GREEN Qualifies for this Award?

Some of the questions asked on the questionnaire to us were:

Packaging: What kind of packaging does your business use. Do you re-use/reduce/refuse.
Water: How do you minimize water consumption/waste.
Recycling: Do you recycle materials. Do you use recycled materials.
Energy: How do you minimize energy and encourage others to minimize it.

This award and questionnaire made us realize so many other ways to minimize our impact on the environment and we used that spreadsheet of questions to re-define our business over the years. We've reduced our waster and increase online/digital communications. We put consideration into the suppliers we use depending on how they package their materials (if they use unnecessary packaging we are not likely to use them!)

How You Can Nominate Natural e GREEN for the Eco Edge Award

Eco Friendly Awards
You can visit the website here and click on BUSINESS NOMINATIONS. From there, choose the category you want to nominate us for (we are up for two this year - Eco Edge and Family Friendly!) or both if you want!

Enter our company name and any comments you wish to add about why you think we deserve to be nominated and then fill out the bottom of the form and submit.

Note: We don't see any of the information you write down so if you'd like to share your comments with us we'd LOVE to read them and post them below! If you'd like to share your comments after you've nominated us just copy and paste your comments to an email to us here.....

Thank you for all of your support and for helping us Go GREEN!

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  1. Natural e GREEN is comitted to promoting awareness of eco-friendly alternatives and solutions and to helping educate consumers on how to "Go Green."

    Natural e GREEN offers products that are sustainable and eco-friendly, designed to not harm the environmet. Packaging is minimal and designed to bio-degrade and cause the least impact on the environment.

    More than just a store, Natural e GREEN also offers articles and information so readers can learn more about how products they choose to use can impact the environment, aquatic and wildlife system. There is also a focus on educating children so they can grow up learning how to make safer and smarter choices for a brighter future.

    Since 2009 when Natural e GREEN first opened it's virtual doors, the business has strived to be as eco-friendly as possible: Minimizing waste, re-using packaging, avoiding paper communications and more. Year after year, the business has discovered new ways to conduct business while becomig more eco-friendly and it has been an honor to be nominated for this award each year since.

    Natural e GREEN focuses on responsibility to the environment and ensures all decisions made are in line with strict belief to help our environment and not harm it in any way.