Natural e GREEN: Family Friendly Awards 2013

It's that time of year again and we are asking for YOUR support!  You have the chance to nominate Natural e GREEN for the 2013 Family Friendly award. This is the FIRST time we've ever been nominated for this award and we are super excited!

Just being nominated by you means so much to us because it tell us we are doing something right and to keep on doing it!

What is the Family Friendly Award?

 "a business that demonstrates family friendly practices that support employees’ needs inside and outside of the workplace and/or make it fun for families to visit."

Sponsored by: Airdrie National Family Week Steering Committee

While Natural e GREEN doesn't have a physical storefront, nor any employees besides store owner Tamara Laschinsky, the business has been nominated for this award because of it's caring attitude and focus on helping out families.

Natural e GREEN is dedicated to helping families have access to safe and non-toxic products, free and helpful information and for creating a community of like-minded people to come together and share their ideas and support for one another.

Even store owner, Tamara Laschinsky, will spend much of her time helping readers find the answers they are looking for and sharing her own experiences to help others find options that may work for themselves and their families.

What are Some of the Ways Natural e GREEN Qualifies for this Award?

We have heard from many customers in the past how helpful Natural e GREEN has been in identifying the products that could help a certain situation or how certain lifestyles could be changed to improve health.

The website is designed not only to promote sales of products but to offer FREE information and knowledge so others can make good choices for their families.

How You Can Nominate Natural e GREEN for the Family Friendly Award

airdrie natural e green family friendly 2013 awards
Family Friendly Award
You can visit the website here and click on BUSINESS NOMINATIONS. From there, choose the category you want to nominate us for (we are up for two this year - Eco Edge and Family Friendly!) or both if you want!

Enter our company name and any comments you wish to add about why you think we deserve to be nominated and then fill out the bottom of the form and submit.

Note: We don't see any of the information you write down so if you'd like to share your comments with us we'd LOVE to read them and post them below! If you'd like to share your comments after you've nominated us just copy and paste your comments to an email to us here.....

Thank you for all of your support and for helping us help others!

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  1. Although Natural e GREEN is an online business, the store has done lots to help customers from all over the world. Store owner, Tamara Laschinsky, has spent years doing research on various health remedies and practices and shares that knowledge through her articles.

    The whole idea behind Natural e GREEN was to provide 'safe and non-toxic products to families' while keeping the products affordable and easily accessible. Tamara felt that all parents should have access to safe products for their kids as well as free information to help them make better decisions when shopping for products. Natural e GREEN was created with families in mind, to offer them safer products and options.

    Tamara also spends lots of time speaking with customers one on one when they have questions about health or about parenting concerns. Tamara doesn't claim to be a professional doctor by any means, but freely shares her experiences with other parents who have the same questions.

    It is not as easy creating a family environment online but Tamara has gotten to know many of her clients and their families via telephone and meeting them in person. While she does keep business hours and isn't at her computer 24/7, her clients know they can contact her when she's open and speak with about any questions they may have and that she will be more than willing to help in any way she can.